Urban Wilds

Reclaiming the city for wild nature

I offer a service creating places for wild nature typically on remediated brownfield sites such as abandoned industrial areas. Working as a sub-consultant to government and corporate clients I provide the following specialities within design teams:

  • integrating remediated wild places into the urban fabric.

  • specifying horticultural soil profiles including site soil testing and re-use strategies (usually in partnership with consultant soil scientists / agronomists), imported soil testing specifications and hold points.

  • advising on cost effective tree and habitat establishment strategies on contaminated land sites.

  • formulating plant species mixes informed by the desired ecosystem climax process and habitat structure, soil types, plant stock availability and establishment regime.

  • landscape design for remediated waterways including WSUD devices.


I have worked in natural area rehabilitation, restoration and remediation for over twenty years in South-East Queensland.