Garden Sanctuaries

Everyday places to reconnect with your inner and outer natures.

I help people create gardens where they can slow down, chill out and reconnect with nature. My service includes:

  • renovating older gardens and re-purposing plants and other site material in contemporary ways.

  • creating kitchen gardens and backyard orchards.

  • making gardens for quiet reflection, meditation and grounding.

  • rebuilding micro-habitats for garden creatures like native bees, frogs, and butterflies.

  • creating gardens on challenging and constrained sites.

I'm inspired by the landscapes of our ancient and diverse island continent. These days, I work almost exclusively with the plant species that have evolved in South-East Queensland.  I have deep and  broad experience of  all manner of plants and styles but I really get off on the contemporary Australian garden. 

The approach is one of sensitively understanding your vision and your site to develop an inspired and coherent concept. Depending on the site detailed construction drawings may be prepared. I partner with landscape contractors to bring your vision to reality. I also partner with architects as part of a house and garden makeover or new build.